2020 – Vol 5. No. 2

Volumen 5, Number 2

Editor’s Note

Sanja Božić, Danijela Jakšić – Users’ Perception of Online Privacy and Security in Croatia – A Survey

This paper aims to obtain insight into users’ perception of security of their personal information on the Internet by conducting an opinion survey. A significant increase in Internet usage in the last 5 years in Croatia was not accompanied by the corresponding level of increase in digital competencies (Croatia is still below the European Union’s average). This research aims to answer the question of how much the average user in Croatia knows about the issues of user security and privacy on the Internet and mainly on social networks, with a somewhat greater focus on the younger population. The main contributions of this paper are: a) a survey on the security of personal data on the Internet (mainly social networks), b) processed data and data visualization, c) insight into what Internet users in Croatia know about Internet security and how they perceive their online privacy and d) insight into the willingness of users to further inform themselves on data protection.

Vanja Gavran – Radio broadcasters’ satisfaction with the Fund for Encouraging Pluralism and Diversity of Electronic Media

The Croatian media image is quite colorful. The number of media is growing year by year, especially electronic media. In order to maintain high-quality regional and local media in this large number of media, i.e. their quality content, it is necessary to encourage them financially. This paper therefore presents the Fund for Encouraging Pluralism and Diversity of Electronic Media in the Republic of Croatia, the purpose of which is to encourage regional and local electronic media programs. The results of the survey on the satisfaction of media broadcasters with the Fund, specifically radio broadcasters, which was conducted in October of this year by the Agency for Electronic Media, were also presented.

Marta Takahashi, Maro Alavanja – Donald Trump’s Political Rhetoric

With an uncompromising strategy, simple language and distinctive communication via social media, Donald Trump has managed to motivate people who feel like they are the losers of globalization to give him their vote and to contribute to his victory in the 2016 presidential election. In his rhetoric, he always followed three principles: simplicity, repetition, and sensationalism. Trump’s speeches are conceived primarily to attract the attention of working-class whites. His rhetorical style gives the impression that he is doing everything in the interest of the working class, when in fact he is promoting the interests of big business. Trump’s topic abuse is present on a number of issues, most notably in speeches about illegal immigrants, whereby he strikes concern among the impoverished masses, expecting them to react in his favour in the election. Thereby, he is not concerned that his statements spread discord and contribute to the negative atmosphere in the country and to numerous attacks on minorities. Donald Trump’s behaviour and speeches are full of contradictions. He praises togetherness, but does not believe in shared values, permanent alliances, or lessons from history.

Silvija Londero Šimleša – Trends in the transmission of communication messages by radio

The relationship between media and PR is mutually dependent. The media are crucial for the existence of public relations because they represent an important channel to the interested public, while public relations are one of the most important sources of information for the media. The key prerequisite for good cooperation between editors and journalists and public relations experts is mutual understanding, as well as quality content. The level of this relationship also affects the transmission of the message to the audience. Due to the speed of message transmission, radio has become a powerful and influential platform, important for the timely dissemination of news and broadcast messages, and its simplicity makes it one of the most important means of communication.

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