Communication Management Forum 2017

The Communication Management Forum Programme Committee invites abstracts related to the topic “Living in crisis mode: Time to reconsider definition, meaning and practice?”.

Communication Management Forum is the first international academic conference on integrated communications in Croatia. The conference is organised by the Edward Bernays College of Communication Management, the first higher education institution in the region specialised for communication management and public relations. The first edition of the conference took place in May 2015, and it stirred significant interest in the professional public, gathering numerous renowned scholars and experts in communication management and related academic disciplines. Nearly 200 participants attended the conference, with over a hundred scholars and practitioners from 10 different countries presenting their papers. The goal of the conference is to become a traditional biennial gathering of professionals and researchers from the communications industry, a place where they will exchange ideas, knowledge and insights, as well as present the results of diverse research in the previously defined areas.

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