Second Issue of CMR Published

The second edition of international scientific Communication Management Review journal brings the latest research and comments on changes in public relations, media, marketing and management.

The second edition of international scientific journal Communication Management Review caused great interest among scientists and experts, in the same way as the first edition. After all the submitted papers from public relations, media, marketing and management have been reviewed, six of them were published in this issue and process included international reviewers. This issue was dedicated to: exploring the relationship between corporate volunteering and internal communications in multinational organizations, native advertising as the evolving marketing or public relations promotional tool, evaluation and measurement among Croatian public relations professionals, Twitter as popular journalistic platform, communication in organizations as fundamentals of good management or a stumbling block, research on the attitudes of the directors of Croatian State Archives to planning and implementing volunteer management. Both foreign and Croatian author were included, for example Alex Malouf, Marko Selaković, Nikolina Ljepava, Ivan Pakozdi, Mario Petrović, Adrian Beljo, Ema Starčić, Hrvoje Jakopović, Leali Osmančević, Jadranka Škarica, Ivan Tanta, Goran Pavelin and Roko Matanović.

“With pride and satisfaction, we can say that we have received much praise after publishing our first issue, and numerous researchers and experts have shown significant interest to participate in this issue. Already next year the journal will be included in prestigious international research databases, and our goal is, through quality content and dedicated work, to soon be competitive in the most prestigious databases. We believe that the journal and the articles published in it will very quickly gain the recognition of the wider international research community, and I am pleased that I can announce that next year’s Communication Management Review will be included into international databases. Our goal, thanks to excellent content and dedicated work, is to become an integral part of international bases as soon as possible”, said the Dean of Edward Bernays and the Editor-in-chief of the magazine Damir Jugo, PhD.

Communication Management Review is intended for scholars, communication experts and students who are seeking to further professionally develop, as well as other interested readers who, thanks to the integration of the mentioned academic disciplines, are looking to gain insight into the latest trends in the development and importance of communication management. Besides the print issue of the Communication Management Review, the journal is also available in digital form via and on the Portal of Scientific Journals of Croatia – Hrčak. By publishing the journal, the Edward Bernays College of Communication Management strives to provide additional support for the further development of science in this part of the academic community.

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